Uhlnation became Amazon Wizards

It is just a different name. We are still the same people.

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What is the reason for the change?

Uhlnation was created in 2017 out of necessity for a name. However, since that time we developed. We added new services and grew as people. Therefore, we decided to rebrand as a company to Amazon Wizards.

We still create astonishing images but we also have extended our capabilities. We became an agency that holistically grows brands on Amazon.

Over the years we saw that just optimizing images doesn’t make sense. So many people and brands just didn’t drive enough useful traffic.

As a brand that truly cares about our customers and partners, this was horrible to watch. We knew back then Amazon was already inside out. We have been in the game since 2017 and we have seen many things.

And due to this reason, we decided to rebrand and to expand our services to provide better results for brands.

You can explore our new website and our services by clicking on the button below. We also share the most recent case studies there.

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P.S. While some people see a wizard with a hat, other people will see a rocket. However, our logo stems from the norse “valknut” which reflects our core values: autonomy, solution-driven, committed to excellence, teamwork, and straightforward.