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We can pinpoint what your customer wants to see and why they buy. How? We developed our own AI that is 3 times more accurate than ChatGPT. And it doesn't work magically. We need to train it with thousands of Amazon customer reviews for each product.

As a result, we never guess. We use all this valuable data to make high-converting images and ads. They are crafted to trigger action and tap into your customers’ main buying reasons. This gives us absolute confidence in our work while other agencies are left guessing.

This makes scaling profitable.

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Updated: 24th of February, 2024

Did you know that images account for over 80% of the purchase decisions on Amazon?

And most agencies still primarily focus on your advertising, driving more traffic without optimizing your conversion rate.

Maybe you get a little sales spike, but far away what you dreamed of.

In other words, most agencies don’t work in your favor. They want to make you dependent on them.

And if you want to be to independent, the typical way is to work with multiple agencies.

And we both know how draining it is.

Communicating with many contact partners.

Ensuring that each party is up to date on what the other is doing.

Losing overview about all the progress.

Delayed responses from single partners.

That’s why you need a team of Amazon Wizards that work in favor.

Fully-transparent like a true in-house team. A team that shares everything with you, so you stay independent.

Because you deserve it.

You get short responses within 2 hours guaranteed. One communication channel for all your Amazon work. Weekly reports on what we do and the results we achieve.

And the consequences?

Extraordinary results with less effort from your side because we cover your Amazon.

We handle all aspects of Amazon that are important for growth.

You don’t have to worry anymore about managing your advertising, optimizing your listings, and making sure your Amazon SEO is on point.

Let us take care of that. We create high-quality images and infographics. We organize professional photographs and also create realistic 3D renderings.

Give us all the annoying communication with the Seller Support so we can troubleshoot any issues that arise.

We got you covered.

You deserve Wizards, and not a typical agency.

Get 6 specialized Amazon Wizards that cover every part of your Amazon business. We three take care of managing your new team, while you relax.

Victor Uhl
Amazon Wizard

I am here to max out your Amazon performance by leveraging strategic planning and marketing.

Christmas Mpondo
Chief Creative Wizard

I leverage the science of visual communication to ensure images we create increases your sales.

Dana Lim
Grand Process Wizard

I pinky promise you that all projects are finished on time, so you can sleep like a baby at night

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They knew exactly what our customer needs to see. Our conversion rate increased by 63% after correctly communicating purchase intentions.
Marc Steiner
Victor and his team crushed the job and made our expansion on Amazon Europe way easier. With their help our Conversion Rate increased by 45%.
Alexander Chen
The team impressed with their professionalism, creativity and exceptional eye for detail, which perfectly showcased our products.
Ramiz Soskic
The togetherness with Amazon Wizards is unbelievable. Although we know our products, we get new insights into customer behavior thanks to the precise elaboration. The cooperation is worthwhile for that alone!
Walter Klaschka
In three words: reliable, high-quality and fast. We have been working with Amazon Wizards for a long time and are more than satisfied. The communication is great and the understanding of the products is quickly established and then implemented in the graphics. A big thank you at this point for the great work.
Julian Böer
The guys are there for you, give valuable input with their expert knowledge and always respond to your own needs. We exceeded our goal by more than 100%!
Adrian Grabowski
Our products have up to 50% conversion rate. That simply knocks our socks off! We can't thank you enough for that!
Lisa Gottlebe
Amazon Wizards helped us with the rebranding of GREAD on Amazon. One of the key difficulties was to create a design that is easy scalable for a big amount of products in various countries. I would downlplay the situation if I would say that they did only good. Our sales and profit increased nearly by 100% within 30 days after the listing optimization.
Axel Schulz
Great results and great support before, during, and after the project. We are very happy with the results, even during the product launch.
Lucas Beier

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  • What services are you offering?
    At Amazon Wizards, we help brands grow on Amazon. Our service includes Amazon product photography, making 3D renderings, managing your Amazon PPC ads, taking care of your inventory management, and solving any problems that arise. We always prefer to work with a holistic view in mind - getting more people to visit your product page and making sure they buy.
  • What qualifies me to work with you?
    If you're a brand making more than $1 million a year, whether it's from selling in stores, online, or on Amazon, you're just who we're looking for.
  • What results can I expect?
    It depends on your situation, but brands usually grow by 87% in a year after joining us. Regardless of their current situation.
  • How can you guarantee results?
    We're experts at spotting and fixing any issues holding you back. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands all over the world and we know how to move the needle.
  • How does the process work?
    Within 48 hours of teaming up, you'll meet your new key account manager and our creative director in a personal 1:1 call. We'll discuss everything about your goals, plan the next 3 months, and start tackling challenges. Then, we get to work on analyzing your customers, improving your listings, scaling your ads, and troubleshooting problems if necessary.
  • Why do you have a waitlist?
    Due to high demand, we've started a waitlist to make sure each brand we work with gets top-notch service. This helps us maintain our quality and deliver great results.
  • What makes you guys unique?
    We are an extension of your team, like a true in-house team. Our approach is all about teamwork, openness, and transparency. Your wins are our wins.   That's why we provide you during our partnership with a dedicated key account manager and a creative director guiding your brand to succeed.
  • What kind of support can I expect?
    You can reach us anytime through WhatsApp. You will have access to a dedicated key account manager, a creative director, and to our CEO, Victor Uhl. We promise to get back to you within 2 hours.
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